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Shenzhen Lipower Energy Shareholding Co., Ltd.


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Shenzhen Lipower Energy Shareholding Co.,Ltd. is a lithium batteries high-tech enterprise, which is abbreviated as LIPOWERENERGY, with former name Meidy Power (HK) Co.,Ltd, which is one of the earliest 3C consumer battery mass production factories in China, had been manufacturing lithium battery since 2003. To expand advanced technology and market, integrate industrial chain resources, we are a joint ventures combined by four companies now. Our focus on creating an international competitive lithium batteries enterprise.

LIPOWERENERGY is a lithium batteries high-tech enterprise, professional R&D, and producing team have made our company obtained independent import & export rights and general taxpayer qualification. With ”Quality, Efficient, Safety, Environment-friendly”as our mission, which already help LIPOWERENERGY get the good fame as well-known lithium battery supplier on world.

LIPOWERENERGY own an excellent engineer team,leaded by Dr. Chan, an expert in Physical chemistry field, which engaged in lithium batteries for more than 10 years. Our team have a lots of experiences on hardware and software R & D, always pay attention to the latest development of lithium batteries and latest applications.

LIPOWERENERGY runs strictly according to ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System. The workshop is equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments. Also has professional manufacturing and quality controlling staff team. They make batteries strictly step by step, optimize and improve the manufacturing technologies to ensure providing the customers with safe, good products .

Come to us and let’s see what we can do!

Factory overview


A. Clear and clean office

B. Cetificate Showroom

C. Corner of Sample Showroom.

Part II. Manufactruring Plant---Li-ion Battery Producing Process

A. Cell Capacity Test

B. Automatic Cell Match Machine

C. Mount cell holder, Assembly and Welding

D. 100% Aging Process ( Part of aging machines)

E. Automatic Packaging Line

F. Part of lab testing machine

G. Part of lab testing machine

Part III. Production Processing Flow Chart

Welcome to our factory for real visit, thanks you!



LIPOWERENERGY was set up in 2003 with the former name MEIDY POWER. At the beginning, the main products of the company is Li-ion batteries for 3C consumer electronics. WE began R&D Power and energy storage Li-ion batteries from 2012. LIPOWERENERGY have successfully changed into a joint-ventures company which develop and market Lithium-ion battery packs, LFP engine batteries for car and motor-car, all kinds of power battery packs, BMS, off-grid HESS ,UPS and solar energy storage products; Low-speed green electrical vehicles.



Main products and services: R&D PCM, BMS and all the PCBA design; Product ID design, Portable Power Station Design, Mould design and integration technology of Li-ion battery pack; Make the samples.


Main products and services : Produce Emergency Jump Starter for car and truck. engine batteries for car and motor-car, Portable power station , Energy Storage System, and some car kits like portable car inflator pump, camcorder, etc. Li-ion power battery packs, BMS, off-grid HESS ,UPS and solar energy storage products; Low-speed green electrical vehicles.


Main Products and services: Assembly Li-ion battery packs for consumer digital products, Power tool battery, e-Bike battery, e-Scooter battery, POS machine battery, Communicate bas UPS, and all kinds of big industrial batteries, Power and Energy storage Li-ion battery packs


Main Products and services: Dedicated to marketing all the products developed and produced by the factories.


Dedicated to marketing all the products in world, development direction, introducing the new project and new investment.production of high energy density and high voltage LFP material( molecular diatmeter less then 3nm, 10% higher density than the same material in the market at present; the voltage can be up to 3.7V, like li-ion battery’s voltage.); High density and high power LFP cells, new BMS, Integration technology of Li-ion battery pack;

Products & Service Items

LIPOWER ENERGY specializing in Design, Research, Manufacture and Distribution Li-ion rechargeable battery; After more than 12 years of technical accumulation, production practice, market sales and brand promotion, we have formed lots of competitive advantage in major market areas.

Product Categories

1. Li-polymer battery: 60mAh-20000mAh cells

2. 3.7V cylindrical Li-ion battery 18650 and 26650 series.

3.Emergency Jump Starter / Engine batteries for car and motorcar; sports battery; ( with patented technology; material: LFP)

4. Power & Energy storage LFP battery: 10AH-200AH.

5. R&D of PCM & BMS for battery pack.

6. Solar energy street lamp Li-ion battery: 12V10AH-200AH series; 24V10AH-200AH series; 48V series; capability to the OEM orders.

7. R&D and production of Home Energy Storage System.

8. The production of UPS for telecom base or big SERVERS.

9. Lithium Battery pack for gardening tools,electric scissors

10. Li-ion battery pack for plane model, non-driving plane and Robot.11.1V-59.2V 2A-80A)

11.ODM orders for the big battery system project.

12.After-sales service for all the products in the warranty period with patience and caring.

Product Application Field

Handheld Electronic Equipment Battery: Pos Termina machinel, Industrial PDA,Tablet PC, Portable Printer, Handheld Scanner, Consumer Device and Currency Counter
Industrial Battery: Ultrasound Detector, Car Recorder, Handheld GIS, Emergency Light, Lighting Device, GPS
Medical Equipment Battery: ECG, Emergency Breathing Device, Infusion Pump, Beauty and Massage Device and Smart wearable Device,Electric Patient Bed and Wheelchair
Smart Home Battery: Smart Home Monitor, Robot, Cordless phones and Security Alarm System
Storage Back-up Battery: UPS, Energy Storage Station, Poratble power station, power bank

EV Battery: Li-ion battery for e-Bike and e-scooter, Low-speed car, 48V series EV battery.

Power tools: Handheld power tools and gardening tools, Li-ion battery for e-Scissor’s.


Main Features
• High energy density: 480~600Wh/L
• High platform Voltage: 3.7V to 3.8V
• Long cycle life: ≥ 500cycles (according to IEC61960-1, 1000 cycles super long cycle life)
• Excellent cells consistency and low internal Impedance
• Safety and reliability: It can go through various tests of UL1642, UL2054 or UL62133
• Low self-discharge: ≤15% per month (store at 20 degree Celsius and humidity 45~75% RH)
• Agile cell's dimensions is very good to design product customized
• Battery Management System: Smart BMS is available, including over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current and short-circuit protection, Balance charge, SOC calculation, Temperature detection and Communication protocol systems, it can achieve to use hardware and software protecting battery pack.
• Plastic Case: To meet Flame-proof, water-proof and drop testing etc.
• Environmental friendly: Total compliance with RoHS and REACH, etc.

R&D Dept:

SHENZHEN LIPOWER ENERGY SHAREHOLDING CO., LTD. is a high-tech. company, with a high technology group of staffs who ever work on Li-ion battery field more than 15 years in hardware, software R&D. we keep an eye closed on the new technology and the newest application of Li-ion battery.

We have made long and stable cooperation with TI, SII, RICOH, AXIM, MITSUMI, O2MICRO, SANYO, SAMSUNG, PANISONIC, LG, SONY, MOLICEL , etc. which is famous IC chip and battery cell company, and we always catch up with their new technology and use it in our new products.

We can customize the products according to client’s requirements, which like you tell us your battery application, specifications, working current, temperature, battery communication way, special protection, charge management, the requirements of integrated circuit, etc. We can do OEM/ODM service, and supply customers with the professional integrated solutions of green energy applications.

Thanks for visit our web, if any question please contact SHENZHEN LIPOWER ENERGY SHAREHOLDING CO., LTD.

1. International Marketing Dept.(Sales Center)

Add: Unit 502,5F, No.4 Building, No.6259, Baoan Avenue. Fuyong, Baoan Dist. Shenzhen, China.

Post: 518000

Contact person: Ms. Winnie Chou

Tel: (+)86-(0)755 2322 4483

Mobile: (+) 86 186 2035 3158

Email:info@Lipower-energy.com szlipower02@gmail.com

Contact Person: Ms Anna Liu

Tel: (+)86 (0)755 2322 4529

Mobile: (+)86 158 1877 3057

2. Domestic Marketing Dept. (Sales Center)

Contact person: Mr. Oliver Lee

Tel: (+)86 (0)755 2322 4483

Mobile: (+) 86 189 4879 4960


3. Technology Support:


4. Talents Recruitment

Eamil: HR@Lipower-energy.com

Feedback or Battery Quotation Request

You can use this form to find out how we can help you with your project or ideas. There's no need to fill in all the boxes, but please try to give us much more information as possible as you can so that we can give you more accurate answer. The information of battery includes battery application,volts, capacity, size, charge and discharge current, maximum discharge current and discharging time, demanding quantity annually, the preferred cell chemistry (If known) and other special requirements if you want. Go to"Battery Knowledge" first if you need help with the questions.

Marketing Employees are required

International sales person are required..

You can send email or call us to introduce yourself for the position, please.

Don't hesitate please send email to HR@Lipower-energy.com apply for the position if you really want.

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Partners or agents are required

The company or agents who have the good way and experiences to do Battery business, and have the strong desire to make a success, please contact us.

When you send email, please introduce your company or yourself and your plan about the business and how and what you want to cooperate with us, what support you need from us.

Welcome you to join us and seek good fortune.

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